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Pro Bono Services

Giving Back to the Community

Jonathan Rosenau was raised with an understanding that those who are able to give back must do so for the betterment of the community. Jonathan strongly believes that those who are less fortunate sometimes just need a helping hand in order to get their life back on track.

For this reason, every year, Jonathan will be offering free legal services to those in need. If you have a legal issue and could use some advice, contact Jonathan and ask for a free consultation. If your situation meets certain criteria (i.e., need based request, disadvantaged persons, and underserved populations), Jonathan may be able to help you at no cost to you. 

Please note that not everyone who applies for pro bono services will be able to be assisted. However, if Jonathan cannot assist you, he will point you in the right direction and there will never be a charge for this service. 

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