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Large Six Figure Settlement for Car Crash Victim

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Jonathan D. Rosenau, Esq. was able to obtain a large six figure settlement for a client who was injured in a contested liability car accident where his client's vehicle was hit going through an intersection.

The insurance company involved initially denied the claim, stating that their insured was not the cause of the accident; they even had the audacity to blame the injured person. Through negotiation, presenting evidence, and eliciting witness statements through investigative measures, Jonathan D. Rosenau was able to convince the insurance company that their insured was liable for the accident. After significant negotiation, Jonathan D. Rosenau was able to further convince the insurance company to offer their entire policy limits, representing a significant six figure settlement.

This type of case is not an anomaly. Insurance companies will often deny claims, often for illegitimate reasons, hoping that injured claimants will simply go away. Jonathan D. Rosenau is not deterred by an insurance company denial and will fight to overturn their decisions and get his clients compensated to the fullest extent possible.

If you, or someone you know, was injured and the insurance company, attorney, or anyone else is saying you cannot recover, you need to call Jonathan D. Rosenau for a free case evaluation. More often than not, there are ways to recover and Jonathan D. Rosenau can make that happen.

Email or call today for a free evaluation!

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